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                    ABOUT US

                    Xiamen Huahang International Logistics Co., Ltd. is a first-class international freight forwarding agent approved by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation.

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                    SERVICE Solution ?

                    Logistics & Documentary

                    Good Custom Clearance relationship, easy to handle issue concerning about Brand and Sensitive products.Providing container ocean shipping: FCL, LCL, DOOR TO DOOR, CY TO DOOR services etc, in very good rate.

                    Sourcing & Inspection

                    To buy from China for correct products from right supplier is really important thru a sourcing party , plus assured inspection service, we are able to provide combined solution service from beginning to end..

                    Assured Service

                    No matter what time, there are always some customer complaining about the after service of a Chinese supplier for light attitude and bad communication once need some technical support, working with us. Working smoothly.

                    One-Stop Supply

                    We know very well which company is good or that and this products , the quality and the cost-efficiency etc. So we can supply all of your need in group , you don’t need to compare and take risk.

                    Visiting Arrangement

                    Once you take the decision to come in China to check products details , we are able to arrange all-in-one solution of visiting, like hotel , transport, visiting accompany, fair translate , logistic service in High efficient and lower cost.

                    Risk Control

                    Every year, We can heard from our overseas customer, said one of his friend was suffering from a business fraud ; and many customers are complaining their products imported from China were not as expected.

                    STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP

                    All we do is to focus on our customer's business experience optimization.



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